Surgery of any kind can leave you feeling anxious and worried. But with advances in surgical technology, surgical procedures are increasingly safe and less invasive. Board-certified general and thoracic surgeon Peter Vajtai, MD, at Veinity MD in Las Vegas, is an experienced surgeon who offers minimally invasive robotic surgery to perform chest surgery. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Vajtai so you can learn more about robotic surgery, call the office today.

Robotic Surgery Q & A

What is robotic surgery?

In robotic surgery, a form of minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Vajtai uses a specially designed robotic tool to assist him with your chest surgery. The robot-assisted device includes mechanical arms equipped with a camera and tiny surgical instruments that Dr. Vajtai controls from a computer console in the surgical room. 

Traditional chest surgery requires large incisions through your chest wall and separating of your ribs. This type of surgery often results in significant pain and a long recovery. Robotic surgery allows Dr. Vajtai to conduct very complex and complicated procedures with improved precision and control and without the need for large incisions. 

What are the advantages of robotic surgery? 

Robotic surgery offers advantages to both you and Dr. Vajtai. The benefits of the minimally invasive procedure for you include:

  • Faster healing
  • Less downtime
  • Reduced pain
  • Smaller scars
  • Less blood loss
  • Reduced risk of infection

For Dr. Vajtai, robotic surgery improves his precision and flexibility. Additionally, the camera used for robotic surgery provides greater magnification and 3D imaging of the surgical site, which improves his view of the site during your procedure. 

What procedures are performed using robotic surgery?

Dr. Vajtai uses robotic surgery to perform chest surgery. This may include:

  • Lung cancer surgery
  • Esophageal cancer surgery
  • Removal of the thymus gland
  • Mediastinal mass resection

To learn more about the various procedures Dr. Vajtai performs using robotic surgery, call Veinity MD to schedule a consultation.

While robotic surgery is less invasive than the traditional open approach, it’s still major surgery. To minimize your discomfort, Dr. Vajtai performs your surgery using general anesthesia. 

Am I a good candidate for robotic surgery?

Dr. Vajtai determines if you’re a good candidate for robotic surgery during your surgical consultation. While he prefers the less invasive method due to the many advantages it offers you, it may not be the best choice based on your surgical needs, health, and surgical history.

Dr. Vajtai is an experienced surgeon who uses the surgical method that provides you with the best possible outcomes, which may or may not include robotic surgery. 

To learn more about robotic surgery and whether it’s an option for you, call Veinity MD today.